Troy von Balthazar documentary project

Troy Von Balthazar is devoted body and soul to his music. Unfamiliar but appreciated, compared to Bob Dylan by Patti Smith, supported by Leonard Cohen, he is a « brilliant songwriter » and develops « a specific and bewitching universe that let us unscathed » says the rock press, unanimously.

After the tempestuous years of Chokebore, 90′s indie rock combo, Troy continues his journey, now solo and turns to purified compos to distill his musical poetry, elixirs and poisons at once.
In Berlin since 2006, he drags his romantic melancholy through Europe but often gets back to L.A., source of his music. Indifferent to success, the hiker wanders in our secret gardens, and cultivates a modern symbolism, epitomizing the spleen of a no more young generation of forties nowadays disenchanted.

We work on a transmedia project, about his personality and his work. To be continued.