Wabara, harmonie en rose

Campaign for Wabara roses


Creative direction | Kei NakanishiAi Tamura
Art direction | Ai TamuraJean Christophe Moine
Images & Editing | Jean-Christophe Moine
Musique | Daniel SonabendEmilien Royere
Special thanks Humming | Lily-Seya
Production | Parameta IncMirrorEthnomedia


Wabara are roses that originated from a rose Farm in Japan called Keiji, a few miles from Kyoto.
Keiji Kunieda has spent most of his life working in the creation of new scented and beautiful roses. In the last years, he added more varieties of roses and created the Wabara brand together with his son Ken Kunieda.
WABARA is a combination of two Japanese words. WA is a Japanese cultural concept usually translated into English as “harmony”. BARA is the Japanese name for rose.
In the belief that roses will grow healthy, shiny and with more strength, the Japanese creators share the philosophy that, in order to live in harmony and coexist with the environment, the roses should be grown with organic fertilizer, free from chemicals.

Behind the scenes reportage | by me


The best garden-party ever, and what a chef!
Akihito Tabuchi – LUDENS >

End of the day at Wabara Cafe, with journalists, guests and team!
The founder Keiji Kunieda seems happy.
Thanks a lot Keiji, Ken, Kei and Ai for these moments.